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Grab your Bible, a comfy chair, and a good drink.  Then sit back and be inspired.

"What is Hope?" January 3 watch
"The Hope of Glory" January 10 watch
"Hope Changes Us" January 17 watch

"What's Next?" December 27 watch

"The Grace of Christmas" November 29 watch
"The Greatness of Christmas" December 6 watch
"The Glory of Christmas"   December 13 watch
  "The Gifts of Christmas" December 20 watch

Our Life Together
Our Life Together
"The Importance of Fellowship" September 13 watch
"The Importance of Being Close" September 20 watch
"No Life Beyond the Body" September 27 watch
"The Secret of the Supper" October 4 watch
"A Giving Fellowship" October 11 watch
"A Place of Prayer and Song" October 18 watch
"An Accepting Fellowship" October 25 watch
"Freedom in Fellowship" November 1 watch
"Enriching Our Life Together" November 8 watch
"Building Fellowship at Home" November 15 watch
"Limitations on Our Fellowship" November 22 watch

"How Do I Get Through This?" - Pastor Jason Workman August 23 watch