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Grab your Bible, a comfy chair, and a good drink.  Then sit back and be inspired.

Let Christ Take Hold of You August 7 watch

Attitudes July 31 watch

Practicing Simplicity July 24 watch

The Simplicity of Faith July 17 watch

"Stuff" July 10 watch

Rev. Dr. Robin Stoops June 12 watch

The Big 10
The Big 10
Satisfaction Guaranteed July 3 watch
Cheating Others June 26 watch
Cheating Yourself June 19 watch
1 + 1 = 1 June 5 watch
The Love of Life! May 29 watch
Honoring and Being Honorable May 22 watch
The 'Rest' of the Week May 15 watch
What's in a Name? May 8 watch
Worshipping the Right God in the Wrong Way May 1 watch
Worshipping the Wrong God in the Right Way April 24 watch

The Signs in John
The Signs in John
Water to Wine February 27 watch
Healing the Official's Son March 6 watch
Healing the Paralytic March 13 watch
Feeding 5,000 March 20 watch
Walking on Water March 27 watch
Healing the Blind Man April 3 watch
Jesus Raises Lazarus April 10 watch
Them Empty Tomb (Easter Sunday) April 17 watch

What Does Jesus Want?
What Does Jesus Want?
Live in the Truth January 16 watch
Worship in Spirit and Truth January 23 watch
Working Together January 30 watch
Share Your Testimony February 6 watch
Stay Faithful February 13 watch
Humility in Serving February 20 watch