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Grab your Bible, a comfy chair, and a good drink.  Then sit back and be inspired.

"Is This the End?" April 11 watch

"Where is Jesus" April 4 watch

"Attitudes" March 28 watch

"Humility" March 21 watch

"Anxiety and Value" February 21 watch
 "Anxiety and My View of God" February 28 watch
  "Anxiety and My Trust in God" March 7 watch
"Anxiety Redirected"   March 14 watch

"What is Hope?" January 3 watch
"The Hope of Glory" January 10 watch
"Hope Changes Us" January 17 watch
 "Hope's Rewards and Blessings" January 24 watch
 "Hope in Other Things" January 31 watch
"Hope in Experience"   February 7 watch
"The Music and Words of Hope" February 14 watch